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November 5, 2014, Physicians Receive Flat Rate Pricing for Medical Billing Services

Under our flat rate pricing model, physicians pay a low flat rate for claims and statements instead of a percentage of all revenue collected. After years in the business, we've figured out how much it actually costs to provide all the services on a "per claim" basis. It's just a more fair way to charge for what we do.

Claims that require refiling for any reason are refiled for free, and there's still no charge for offices to use our web based practice management system, HorizonMIS. Even money collected from patients is exempt from a fee. Doctors hate paying a fee for money "their people" collected. We still handle posting of ERAs,EOBs, patient payments, and essentially everything we do with percentage based contracts.

To illustrate, assume a billing service is charging a 5% fee.... when a $1,000 claim pays, the charge to the doctor would be $50.00 while a $100 claim would generate only $5.00 to the billing service. The work involved for both claims is in most cases, identical. So why pay more just because the doctor provided more expensive services? Billing services are the only real winners on high dollar claims (which is why they like percentage based fees). Not all physicians will benefit from this model, but most, especially those performing higher dollar services will save a lot overall. read more @ PRWeb...

March 31, 2014, Senate passes bill to extend ICD10 compliance until Oct 1, 2015

While the deadline has been pushed back, is it a good idea to just sit back and wait until next year to finish this project? AMS has completed testing with Medicare and other clearing houses and our product and services are ICD10 ready and ready to go. HorizonMIS is not only "Dual Mode" capable, but can convert ICD9s to ICD10s and visa versa after the fact and treat primary and secondary payors differently.

Our reccomendation for HorizonMIS users will be to start using ICD10 codes as soon as possible. Horizon can accept ICD10 codes from EHR systems and convert the ICD10 to an ICD9 if the particular payor wants ICD9, but let the ICD10 go if that's okay. This is switchable on a payor by payor basis. This only makes sense. As soon as a payor is capable of accepting an ICD10, we want to start shipping that so that the entire system can receive real "end to end" testing well before the deadline. If entering charges into our charge capture screen directly, entering an ICD9 or ICD10 will cause a cross reference box to display showing the other code choices and payor warnings if appropriate. Also, while searching for a diagnosis by description, both ICD9 and ICD10 databases are searched and offered for selection.

We expect much confusion among payors as the deadline approaches with some still not being ready or worse, making their own rules much as they did with the role out of NPI. AMS, iNtelli-Bill, and HorizonMIS will be ready for ANYTHING they throw at us. We really expect this to be a non-event for our clients.

March 3, 2014

HorizonMIS ICD10 testing with Medicare passes all tests on first pass!

Feb 28, 2014

HorizonMIS Passes ICD10 testing with Capario Clearing House

August 2013 - ICD10 updates are in the works for HorizonMIS™

The ICD10 deadline is roughly a year away. AMS is working hard along side its partners to get the new diagnosis programming ready. We have already begun testing and anticipate production usage by the end of 2013. Lead programmer Larry Evans says, "We will be ready for ICD10 and will make the transition as streamlined as possible for our clients".

AMS's Horizon Software is consistently ranking as one of the first to be ready for industry changes like HIPAA Compliant Claims and 5010. We were one of the first five software vendors to be entered on Medicare's approved vendor list and our clients should expect the ICD10 update to be one of the first as well.

We began hearing from our clients weeks ago inquiring about our ICD10 readiness and assured them all was being taken care of here at AMS. - They have been hearing stories from other practices around them currently not using the HorizonMIS™ system that their particular software companies are not going to upgrade to the new ICD10. They are being told by their software providers to look for other systems because they would not be supporting the change.

That's good news for American Medical Systems and HorizonMIS™ as we are making the changes. So maybe it's time for the practices using one of those sub-standard billing systems to give us a call and sign up. They should look at our superior billing service 'iNtelli-Bill' as well so we can collect more revenue for them and increase their bottom line.

May 2008 - Patent Infringement Suit Dismissed With Prejudice

"after conducting a demonstration over the Internet for BNP, BNP agreed that the HorizonMIS product did not infringe the BNP patent." Click for link to article...